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Next Available Start Date for Sydney: March 15th 

Become a certified personal stylist in just 5 days.

5 Day Course Start Dates
Melbourne - 1st March (1 spot left)
Sydney - 15th March (5 spots left)
Gold Coast - 22nd March (2 spots left)

Class duration
5 Days

7.5 hours per day
Face-to-face Training

None, except for empathy, heart and a passion for style

Included in the course
12 Months 

Group Support and
Mentoring Webinars

Why take a course to become a Personal Stylist?

People come in all shapes and sizes. They have different ages, personalities, tastes, lifestyles and budgets. And then there’s the self-confidence and image issues: most women that sign up for a personal styling consultation need help beyond just picking out clothes.

It is up to YOU to make your client feel better about themselves – despite their background. And here’s the good news: we can train you to do just that.

Most aspiring personal stylists have no idea what the job requires of them. We talk to tons of women who simply set out to become a personal stylist but find that the job takes way more knowledge and experience than they initially thought.

What if you could become a accredited professional in just 5 days?

As a personal stylist you not only help people look great you also make them feel better too.

You get to be your own boss

Work your hours around your lifestyle

Best of all, you get paid to play with fashion everyday!

You won’t walk out of the course with just a pretty certificate: you’ll actually have the knowledge and skills to be a successful personal stylist. 

This is far from a correspondence course that is filled with pages of theory. Styling is highly visual and requires much delicacy in the way you work with your clients, and so hands on training and experience, not just theory, is a must for a successful career. 

Enjoy professional independence and freedom 

Enjoy a lucrative and rewarding career

Cindy is such an inspirational person, her passion is infectious. Cindy is full of knowledge and is generous with sharing it. By being part of both styling courses with Cindy and the Professional Styling Academy, it gave me the confidence to pursue my passion. I’m now running my own personal styling business and loving it.

The support didn’t finish at the end of the course, it continues with monthly stylist meetings where Cindy shares her experiences and the current fashion trends and also gives us stylists the opportunity to ask questions and learn from each other.

If you’re considering a career in personal styling Cindy is the person to learn from.

Antoinette Stonham, PSA Graduate

Founder of Allaboutstyle

What does a PSA course give you?

Meet our facilitator

Cindy Newstead is Australia’s most experienced personal stylist having personally carried out more than 8,000 personal style consultations. Not only that: she’s also trained over 1,000 personal stylists. Cindy is a nationally recognised authority when it comes to fashion and styling – and we’re offering YOU a spot in a course that Cindy will be PERSONALLY facilitating. 

Experience from OVER 8,000 personal consultations

Official Stylist for Chadstone The Fashion Capital

Owns the largest styling business in Australia

First and only stylist to open a PRIVATELY-OWNED styling suite in a shopping centre

Published Author

NLP Master Practitioner

Creates & facilitates her own major runways

Founder of Shopping & Relaxation Tours to Vietnam since 2014

  • A PSA certification gives confidence and peace of mind in one of the fastest growing service industries in Australia today.

  • Industry proven method and skills:  
    Cindy’s method is highly respected and has stood the test of time. As a pioneer of personal styling in Australia, Cindy is a sought-after personal stylist and the founder and director of the largest Personal Style consultancy in Australia.

  • Personal Styling Pathways:
    While our course will give you the skills to make money from your own personal styling business, the course also provides inroads into many exciting avenues including:

  • Personal Styling with Clients
  • Personal Shopping for Clients
  • Wardrobe Styling & Organisation
  • Retail Positions
  • Boutique purchasing & styling
  • Fashion Head Office roles
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Image Consultancy
  • Corporate Styling
  • Commercial Styling including uniform
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Photo Styling for fashion and lifestyle magazines
  • TV & Celebrity Styling
  • Public Relations
  • Wedding Planning

Course Topics

Module 1: Styling 101

This module will give you a complete foundation and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a stylist, the 5 key elements of style and the many benefits your clients will have from a personal styling experience which will help you sell your service to your clients.

Module 2: Defining Personal Styles

In this module, you will explore in depth the various personal style profiles. Your client will be amazed when you create looks that tap into their personal style after you learn a simple process on how to create a window into your client’s personal style preferences.

Module 3 & 4: The Art of Body Shape Analysis and Body Shape Dressing

These are amongst the most critical modules that will help you become a successful stylist. After these modules you will understand why learning body shape from a body shape book is inadequate as best, if not impossible, especially for a professional stylist who will be dressing all shapes and sizes.

Fear not, learn not only professional industry secrets on dressing all body shapes and sizes but also Cindy’s invaluable Dynamic Styling System that will give you the advantage over other stylists to confidently and successfully dress any client.

No matter what size or shape your client is you will know how to make them look and feel fantastic and have them coming back to you for more.

Module 5: Client Relations

Everyone has different learning styles, emotional baggage, needs and wants that will have a huge impact on the outcome of your consultation with them.  In this module you will learn how to quickly assess and understand your client and how to discuss with them the many delicate issues that come up during this very personal service. Using empowering language and rapport building strategies you will earn a level of trust and respect from your client that will ensure you achieve a successful outcome every time.

Module 6: Wardrobe Auditing

A fun module where you will learn a simple process to edit any wardrobe, your client will love how you have created order in their life.

Module 7: Fashion Trends and Forecasts

Being a stylist means you need to be ahead of the trends, in this module you will learn about the history of trends and how to keep ahead of them in the future so your friends and clients want to keep coming back to you for advice and update their look.

Module 8: Colour

Colour can be confusing to many, but this module breaks it down in a very simplified way, so you can dress your clients and create a mix and match wardrobe using colours that bring their complexion alive.

Module 9: Hair and Makeup

Sometimes clients want advice on hair and makeup, how does a stylist deal with this? With simple guidance you will have a plan for them that they can implement.

Module 10: Personal Shopping

This module is the most exciting and fun part of being a personal stylist and in this module you will learn how to make it even more enjoyable by learning a step by step proven process that makes it simple to give your client the experience and the clothes they desire.

Module 11: Business

From business basics that even a complete business novice will understand through to a business development process and client management, this module will help you create, at the level that you wish to take it, your own unique business model and marketing strategy that will bring you your ideal clients and desired income.

The PSA post 5-day course essentials 
you will receive

After course support with 12-Month FREE Bronze Mentoring to help get you started, giving you access to our Stylist support forum where you can discuss ideas, ask questions and network with other stylists.

12 months FREE access to Cindy’s monthly 1-hour stylist group webinar.    You won’t feel alone in this group, it will continually inspire you and benefit your growth.

Imagine the confidence you will feel having an essential styling guide at your fingertips.
Your course manual is your go-to essential reference for your styling future.

Including in depth notes and visual guides, the PSA manual has been developed by Cindy using her 17 years industry experience to make sure you have all the answers you need at your fingertips.

Benefits from using our Style Reinvention Templates and develop client questionnaires throughout the course which you can take away to implement from the very conception of your business.

Not only will you receive your Personal Stylist Certificate from PSA, you have Cindy's guarantee that she will be your reference for your participation and skill level to potential employers.

Access to PSA Stylist support forum, discuss ideas, ask questions and network with other stylists.

12 Months FREE Access to Cindy’s monthly 1-hour stylist group webinar to continually inspire you and benefit your business.

FREE Access to stylist network nights, meet other stylists over a champagne.

Take home your PSA course manual, your essential reference for your styling future.

Hit the ground running with essential and proven tools and templates.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is there enough work out there for stylists?

The personal stylist industry is growing quickly due to the general public’s awareness of the benefits and acceptance of having a stylist, this has created a need for quality stylists.

Q: How many students are there in each course?

We try to keep the numbers small and that is why most of the courses book out prior. Due to venue seating restrictions differing in each state, the certification course numbers range from 10 to 14.

Q: Do you have advance courses?

We offer a number of courses that help and support the growth of stylists in all endeavors, levels and disciplines within the personal and fashion stylist industries.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

We offer payment plans on all courses and mentoring programs.

Q: Where are the courses held?

For Melbourne, courses are held at the Novotel Glen Waverley and Chadstone The Fashion Capital. Sydney at Westfield Bondi Junction. For those in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, they are held at Broadbeach and Robina Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast.

Q: Are there any prerequisites to enrol in any of your courses?

No, you don’t even need to have a fashion background, but while there are no prerequisites for the certification course is does help having a love for fashion and a big heat and empathy for others. There is also a short interview to ensure the course is a perfect fit for you and for our Styling Academy. To enrol in the Advanced or Masters Course you must have completed the certification course. 

Apply now to bring your unique fashion eye to life!

We speak to everyone individually to ensure the course is perfect for you, and you are a perfect fit for our Academy. 

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Spend just 5 days with Cindy and she will prepare you for a career as a successful Personal Stylist

Live Your Dream

There are many different career pathway's for personal styling and what our graduates love most is that they can use the skills to not only improve their own personal style but also in many different businesses models, part time, on the side or as big as they want to make it. You are in control!

Learn the skills to help people look and feel great and transform your life into the dream you have always wanted. 


Course Dates
Melbourne - 1st March (1 spot left)
Sydney - 15th March (5 spots left)
Gold Coast - 22nd March (2 spots left)

Meet our graduates
Our course can help you live your dream life as a Personal Stylist

Live your dream life 
as a Personal Stylist making a difference in the lives of others every day with fashion and heart.

"The experience was amazing."

PSA Graduates

Don’t be afraid of walking into a group of unbelievably well-dressed fashionistas: all our students are exactly like you: looking for the tools to start their own styling business.

Our course is for people who love to dress the everyday person. You do not need a background in fashion, nor do you need any kind of experience.

"Amazing course, best choice of my life."

Kate Hastings, PSA Graduate

No experience? No worries! 

Our course was created with beginners in mind so that you too can use the unique and proven styling system & business model behind the amazing growth of the largest personal style consultancy in Australia.


Lucia ~ PSA Graduate 

“My business is growing and growing because of Cindy & PSA”